September 1, 2009


I don’t remember the name of this polish, and I hated it so much I got rid of it. It didn’t suit me at all. I gave it to my mum.


Funky French

April 23, 2009


I did a Funky French with two different Barry M polishes. First I free-handed the tips with NP which is a translucent neon pink that supposedly glows under UV light. I would recommend free-handing tips to anyone. I’m a left-hander, this is my left hand (so done with my weaker hand)  and close up it looked a bit off but from far away no one can tell.

Then I covered the entire nail in three coats of Aqua Blue which is a sheer micro-glitter. I was quite disappointed with this colour when I wore it alone, but with the tips it looked cool 🙂

Barry M polishes are cheap and cheerful, available in sooo many colours, are easy to apply and are inexpensive enough for you to buy on a whim. They apply well and last well enough.

Back to Black

April 17, 2009

I’ll start as I mean to go on 🙂

I was given this polish. It’s from Claire’s, it’s a basic black. I’m sure it would be great for layering but I wore it in its basic state for a week or so. It chipped fairly easily and wasn’t quite opaque after three coats, but given how cheap it was I guess that’s a given.

For a basic black it gets 8 out of 10. Why does black nail varnish always smell the same? I wore black a lot when I was a moody teenager and the smell took me right back. It’s like no other nail varnish on earth. It’s not bad it’s just strange.